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NOTE: Booking to shoot is exclusively for members of Bronte Archers only!

Please Note: By booking a session you are agreeing to abide by the rules set out in the Risk Assessments and Covid-19 Return to Shooting Procedures. Whilst the club provide PPE as recommended, it is the archers responsibility to use it, the club cannot be held liable for any illness occurring as a result of a visit to the range. First Aid Kits are available with the PPE in the container and in the indoor range along with incident/accident report forms.


All bookings will be on a first come first served basis. Confirmation will not be given for outdoor shooting until a minimum of 2 archers wish to shoot in same session. This does not apply to indoors, where you may shoot alone.

Risk Assessment for Outdoor Range available HERE Return to Shooting Procedure for Outdoor Range available HERE

To view available/confirmed/pending slots on the calendar please click HERE

Please Note:
The days and times available to shoot outdoors are subject to change.

6 Days a week outdoor shooting available:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 0830-1100, 1100-1300, 1300-1500, 1500-1700, 1700-dark
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 0830-1100, 1100-1300, 1300-1500, 1500-1730
Sunday: 0830-1030, 1030-1230

Saturday afternoons occasionally available using the Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions, when there’s no cricket. Check the calendar for availability.

Other users can prevent shooting during certain times these are marked on the calendar as well as on the Rawdon Meadows calendar HERE


Indoor Pavilion Range Risk Assessment available HERE, Shooting Procedures available HERE. Please read both documents above before booking your session. If you have installed the NHS Track & Trace app onto your mobile phone, please scan the QR Code on arrival, this is on the notice board in the range.

7 Days a week; Maximum of 2 Archers from different households or 1 family from same household per session. You can shoot alone in the range too. For safety, the time slots are staggered to allow 1/2 hour for archers to vacate the range before the next archers arrive.

Friday evenings are available, however availability will depend on beginners courses and the session may be cancelled at very short notice and you will be disturbed by coaches and beginners being in and out throughout the session.

Morton Hall will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

From the calendar below, click your chosen date and then select the time slot that you would like.

Should you wish to cancel a booking you MUST let the committee know as soon as possible.
If you’re cancelling on the day of shooting contact Deborah using the number found on your booking approval email.
This will allow us to inform anyone else booked with you and allow other members the chance to book.

To share a boss decide before hand and use the same booking form. Maximum of 2 archers per boss from separate households.


PLEASE NOTE: Please don’t make October bookings until you’ve paid your renewal fees. Any bookings prior to paying will be declined.

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Outdoor Feedback 20th April 2021
It has been surprisingly easy to feel safe at the club. In terms of shooting outdoors, ‘staying in your own lane’ has taken on a more literal meaning, but it’s nice to have a boss to yourself. During set up, the size of the bosses and stands facilitates distancing all by itself, and there’s always sufficient gloves or hand sanitiser in the container. Everyone I’ve shot with seems to have made the adjustment now, so when we do break for a chat or a (Bring Your Own) tea/coffee, standing a good (2 metres) distance apart just seems to happen naturally. Personally, apart from having to speak up a bit to be heard, it’s been an easy transition.

Feedback from archers shooting indoors from 21st September 2020

  1. The setup works really well, no need to visit the school, safe access to the range and can be used by lone archers. Chuffed to be back indoors”.
  2. “So happy to have access to the indoor range again, just in time now the bad weather is upon us. Everything has been well thought out relating to Covid-19, with a dividing screen, face masks, hand sanitiser and even target boss sanitiser. It feels really safe to shoot indoors, don’t be shy, book your slot and start enjoying archery again in a nice, warm safe environment”.
  3. It’s been great to get back to indoor shooting now the weather is getting worse. The restrictions are okay once you get used to them and should not stop anybody enjoying shooting. It’s as safe as it can be with things as they are at present, I feel perfectly safe. Got to say Paul Egan does look better with a mask on….I’ll be sorry for that….:-)

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