Award Schemes

There are many award and badge schemes available for you to use or know about. This page contains general information regarding classifications, handicaps and score tracking.
For schemes that are managed by the club more information can be found on the following link: Club Badge and Award Schemes
For schemes that are only available in competitions more information can be found on the following link: Competition Badge Schemes

Target Classifications

Classifications can be achieved by shooting scores in the same season, over the threshold for the target classification. Required scores differ between rounds, gender, age, and bowstyle. All archers start as unclassified until achieving scores of a higher classification. There are 9 available classifications.

Achievable classifications are:
Archer (Third up to First)
Bowman (Third up to First)
Master Bowman
Grand Master Bowman
Elite Master Bowman

There are separate badges and scores for juniors, seniors and 50+ categories. Indoors rounds have the same classifications and their own set of badges.

Scores up to and including Bowman First Class can be shot in the club and are managed by the Records Officer. Bowman scores must be shot in a session ran to a competition standard. This includes most club nights, as long as rule 304 is followed. All rounds must be double scored. Badges cost £2.95

Higher classifications must be shot within record status competitions and claimed on the day of achieving the final score required.

To achieve a classification you must shoot a specific number of arrows, this amount increases as you aim for the higher classifications. You can use any combination of outdoor rounds for the outdoor classifications, and any combination of indoor rounds for the outdoor classifications.

More information can be found in
The above link also contains the tables for each bowstyle and shows the required scores for each classification. These tables are downloadable but are also available to read in the club office.

Clout Classification

Clout has it’s own set of classifications and score requirements. The clout scheme is managed by Northern Counties Archery Society and badges cost £4.

Available classifications are:
Third Class,
Second Class,
First Class,
Master Bowman,
Grand Master Bowman

Scores up to and including Bowman can be managed by the club and shot at any event. These can be achieved by shooting three scores within the same outdoor season.
Higher classifications must be shot at Tassel Status events and claimed via the form on the NCAS website.


A handicap in archery is a number between 0 and 100 which indicates the ability of an archer. The lower the handicap score the better the archer. Handicaps are available on any recognised target round. Each archer has a separate handicap done for each bowstyle as well as indoor and outdoor rounds.<br>Handicaps are an easy way way to keep track of your improvement, and compare different rounds when score is not the easiest way (e.g. comparing your metric and imperial rounds). Some competitions even use handicaps and score adjustment tables to allow all archers to compete on a more level playing field.

Tracking Handicap and Classifications

You can keep track of your handicap by submitting scores to the golden records system, or by discussing with our Records Officer.
When calculating your first handicap for the season you take an average of the handicaps for your first three scores of the season. For the second handicap you average your first handicap and the handicap score of the new round shot. Your handicap never gets worse. It is always rounded to a whole number.

For example an archer shoots three scores with handicaps 59, 54 and 57.
Their first handicap is 59+54+57/3=57
They then shoot another 59 handicap round.
The archers handicap remains at 57.
They then shoot a 55 handicap round and their handicap improves to 56.

You can keep track of you own handicaps on the following website link.

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